Monday, November 11, 2013

Small Hemorrhoid Avoiding and Treatment

The best hemorrhoids treatment supposed to be avoiding it from the beginning and from appearing in the first time when you find a small hemorrhoid, but unfortunately many of our visitors and readers are already struggling with hemorrhoids and are searching for the most suitable treatment for them.

Firstly, what are hemorrhoids? We have mentioned before that hemorrhoids are varicose veins that have become engorged with blood and swollen which may appear from the size of a pea to a grape size. Hemorrhoids also have two main types, external and internal, and have 4 stages.

The treatment of hemorrhoids depends on the person and hemorrhoids type. Talking about small hemorrhoid, we will try to explain who to get rid of small hemorrhoid easily and quickly.

Tips to treat small hemorrhoid:

1-    Suitable and Healthy Diet.
As we mentioned before, the constipation is one of the reasons of hemorrhoids, you can't even treat hemorrhoids without treating constipation. So you need to follow a fiber-high diet which is rich of fresh fruits and vegetables. You have also to drink more than 8 cups of water daily. We advise you also to avoid caffeine items and alcoholic drinks because these things can boost the anal skin sensitivity, decrease anal stimulates flatulence and spheinter pressure.
2-    Body Exercises.
It's known that, regular workout can help with curing constipation and also provides you small hemorrhoid relief.
3-    Anal Cleanliness.
You must clean your anal spot carefully and softly but well after taking a bath or using the toilet. You are allowed only to use natural cleaning items with plain water, without even soap which may irritate the tissue. You are advisable also not to use traditional toilet dry papers. Instead of it, you can use a blow dryer.
4-    Keep Anus Dry.
To protect yourself from infection and itchiness, you need to always keep your anus dry and to have a bowel movement the sooner the want arises for you to eliminate reflex constipation. You may have also to refain from extreame forcing and continuous sitting down on the toilet through bowel movement of any pressure created. That will intensify the hemorrhoids you are suffering form, and your small hemorrhoid maybe big bad hemorrhoids.
5-    Ice Packs.
Settling ice in a very small zip shut bag, and then make use of the pack on the infected place for 10 to 15 minutes on and off.
6-    Sitz Bath.
You can use this kind of bathes to sit in tepid water for 10 to 20 minutes more than once a day. Notice that, water shouldn't be hot not to damage the tissue and also you are not allowed to add anything to the water. And as we said before, you need to dry the anus after the bath to save yourself from infection.
7-    Lotions and Ointments.
These are generally the only over the counter meds we porpose being a good treatment for small hemorrhoid and hemorrhoids while in the primary phase. You can find ointments obtainable commercially and ointments that can help to reduce irritation of hemorrhoids.

These previous tips are the most effective hemorrhoids home cures which can help to relieve the soreness that are caused by hemorrhoids. But if these tips didn't work with you, you need then to visit your doctor to ask for his advice


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