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What Are Internal hemorrhoids symptoms, causes and treatment

Hemorrhoids comprise the blood supply to the distal rectum and anus, they are present in all people. Internal hemorrhoids are located above the dentate line which don't have sensory innervations and covered by mucosa.

What are the differences between External and Internal hemorrhoids?

The only deference between internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids is that the external are located below the dentate line which have sensory innervations and covered by squamous epithelium.

What Are The Internal Hemorrhoids causes?

There are three main reasons why do you have internal hemorrhoids:

1-    Internal Hemorrhoids Rare Causes:
There are many people think mistakenly that the rectal varices are because of the hemorrhoids. Varices can be occurred because of the dual blood supply to the rectum in patients with liver disease. After locating the rectal varices in the rectum, we can view hemorrhoids which are located in the anus. In this case, we have first to treat the portal system decompression and liver disease.
2-    Internal Hemorrhoids Serious Causes:
Internal hemorrhoids symptoms can be viewed because of portal hypertension such as cirrhosis.
3-    Internal Hemorrhoids Common Causes:
Increasing the intra-abdominal pressure conditions which can accelerate the deterioration of supporting prolapsed and connective tissue of the anal canal. And because of losing support vessels became distended. Like over-weigh and pregnancy at the latest 6 months.
Internal hemorrhoids also may appear because of aging, because deterioration of connective tissue which supports hemorrhoids.
What Are The Internal Hemorrhoids Symptoms?

Painless bleeding and protrusion during bowel movements are the most common symptom of the internal hemorrhoid. While pain, discomfort, skin irritation and itching are the next main internal hemorrhoids symptoms.

You may find bright red streaks of blood on the surface of the stool and also on the toilet paper or bright red blood in the toilet bowl after having a normal bowel movement.

Internal hemorrhoids from the grade IV which are prolapsed irreducible require urgent surgical intervention especially if you fail to maneuvers for reduction.

The deference between Internal Hemorrhoids Synonyms and external, is that the external hemorrhoids can be discovered early what decrease the duration of symptoms and pain, comparing with the internal hemorrhoids symptoms.

In other words, the presence of hemorrhoids without accompanying symptoms like pruritus, pain and bleeding does not necessitate treatment.

Predisposing and contributory factors of the internal hemorrhoids symptoms:

There are many small points that can be a contributory factors that make internal hemorrhoids appear quickly like Constipation or the straining while using the toilet, and on the other hand Diarrhea can be a reason.

Increasing abdominal pressure as a result of hemorrhoids during pregnancy and ascites. While the childbirth also is a contributory factor which called hemorrhoids after birth.

There are many other factors like anal sex or intercource, chronic cough, sitting for long periods, heavy lifting and prostatism.

Internal Hemorrhoids Treatment:

Natural internal hemorrhoids treatment can be very successful. Most sufferers feel immediate relief from hemorrhoid pain.

The length of the treatment and cure of internal hemorrhoids depends on the size of hemorrhoids. But you need first to treat constipation by following a fiber-high diet, drinking more than 8 cups of water daily and taking medicine to help avoiding constipation back.


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