Friday, November 8, 2013

Are Hemorrhoids Permanent or They Will Go Away?

Answering the question "Are hemorrhoids Permanent" depends on you. In other words, hemorrhoids can be permanent 

if you are still following your old lifestyle that enabled them to appear from the outset. And can easily disappear from now and on if you know well What are hemorrhoids? And what are the best ways to get rid of them.
Hemorrhoids are simply varicose veins, twisted, swollen, weakended together with pooled with blood. Or a nutshell as a painful swollen veins in the lower portion of the anus or rectum.
Avoiding hemorrhoids then can be done by avoiding the causes of them. Then the question mustn't be Are hemorrhoids permanent and become How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids?
1)    Firstly, you must increase your movement, by exercising your body or even walking for 15 : 30 minutes a day. And if you have to set for many hours because of your job, you may need to move for a minutes every hour of setting down.
2)    Drinking more than 8 cups of water and following a high-fiber diet can also help you avoiding constipation that causes hemorrhoids and makes them permanent.
A)   Nest advise is changing your bathroom habits waiting when you have the urge to have a bowel movement, and setting for long time on the toilet.
Are hemorrhoids permanent for certain people?
Some people may inherit hemorrhoids from their parents by having weak walls inside their veins.
Some other people are forced to set for long periods of time because of their jobs, are supposed to get hemorrhoids more than other people.
Women also are supposed to get hemorrhoids during pregnancy and giving birth because of the pressure of the uterus on the anus area and anal canal that leads to constipation because of making it hard for the blood to return from the lower half of their bodies. These all things causes hemorrhoids.
And as we said before, avoiding eating a high-fiber on your diet and drinking enough water through the day leads to constipation which causes hemorrhoids.
The good thing here is that hemorrhoids are not permanent also with all these cases. And following some steps and changing some bad habits can avoid them getting hemorrhoids.
There are two ways of hemorrhoids treatment. These two ways are:
Hemorrhoids Natural Treatment.
What makes natural treatment of hemorrhoids good, is that you won't get any unintended side effects during treatment, but on the other hand, natural treatment require some time in order to see some progress. And these are few ways of natural treatment of hemorrhoids:
1)    Garlic: eating garlic daily by making it a part of your diet will be a good way to soothe and heal the hemorrhoids with giving the body a natural antibacterial.
2)    Aloe Vera: it can help you reducing the pain and the burning of hemorrhoids. You may drink aloe vera liquid to loosen you bar stools to avoid constipation, and can also make a soft massage with the lotion in the affected area using a medical paper. Aloe Vera is a very effective cure for hemorrhoids.
3)    Witch Hazel: used as an astringent because of its ability of constricting swollen. Liquid or cream, you will need to apply it in the affected area softly for 3 times a day. But you need first to know if it will cause a skin color irritation to you, while it rarely do.
Hemorrhoids Medical Treatment.
Medical treatment of hemorrhoids includes taking curing drugs and making an operation when using all natural treatment without getting rid of them and asking are hemorrhoids permanent.
Hemorrhoids most certainly don't have to be for life, and answering the question are hemorrhoids permanent or not depends on your habits and lifestyle. While some changing of your routine can avoid getting hemorrhoids from now and on.


  1. Stop drinking coffee, drink more water and fruit juice, eat more carrots and leafy vegetables, and eat more vegetation in general. If these things do not work then go to a pharmacy and buy a bottle of mineral oil and swallow a little at each meal... For more remedies I highly suggest you to visit hemorrhoids treatment . Hope it works for you... Thanks!!!

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