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Every Thing About Hemorrhoidectomy With Pictures And Video

We have mentioned before that hemorrhoids are a painful swollen veins in the lower portion of the anus or rectum. There are two main kinds of hemorrhoids, the internal hemorrhoids and the external hemorrhoids. We've mentioned also that the internal hemorrhoids occurred inside the anal canal while the external one occurred around the anal opening and the hemorrhoidectomy is a way to treat the large hemorrhoids which cause bleeding and pain.

There are many reasons that can cause these tissues to stay swollen we can mention the most important causes of them in main points like the much pressure in the anal canal because of straining during bowel movement and hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

What is a hemorrhoidectomy?

A hemorrhoidectomy is the removal of hemorrhoidal tissue which contain blood vessels that act as cushions by swelling slightly in order to protect the anal canal during the bowel movement.

A hemorrhoidectomy like any other surgery, has potential complications and risks. So you need first to know the other hemorrhoids treatment options before taking the decision to make a hemorrhoidectomy. In other words, make the hemorrhoidectomy you second choice.

Reasons why performing hemorrhoidectomy?

 Large hemorrhoids that causes serious symptoms like bleeding and rectal pain may recommend a hemorrhoidectomy. But you need first to ask your doctor about all of treatment which are available for you before taking a decision on a hemorrhoidectomy.

In general, there are many conditions that makes your doctor recommend a hemorrhoidectomy like:

1-    You have the grade number 3 or 4 of prolapsed internal hemorrhoids which means that the hemorrhoids are falling out of the anus. The deference between the two grades is that the grade number 3 prolapse occur with a powel movement but you can manually push the hemorrhoids back through your anus, while the grade number 4 cannot be put back.
2-    You have had minimally invasive procedures or other treatments which haven't corrected the problem.
3-    You have a thrombosed external hemorrhoid that have blood clots which recur after less invasive procedures.
4-    You have combined external and internal hemorrhoids.
5-    You have additional anorectal conditions which require surgery procedures.
6-    You have a strangulated internal hemorrhoid which occurs when the anal sphincter traps the hemorrhoid and cuts off blood supply to the tissue.
7-    You have significant bleeding amounts from your hemorrhoids.
After trying many options of the natural treatment of hemorrhoids and when deciding that the hemorrhoidectomy is the latest option, then you have many kinds and types of hemorrhoidectomy which include:

1-    Removing only a portion of the hemorrhoidal tissues an lifting the remaining hemorrhoidal tissues back up into the anal canal and then stapling the the remaining tissues into a place with a special stapling device.
The best side in this procedure, that this tends to cause shorter recovery period and less postoperative pain.
The worst part in this procedure, is that hemorrhoids tend to recur more often and this procedure isn't effective with large external hemorrhoids.
2-    Cutting to remove the hemorrhoidal tissues which called (Excisional Hemorrhoidectomy). And this procedure contain two main ways or tichniques:
A)   Closed excisional hemorrhoidectomy, which allows the doctor to close the tissue with stitches. Most surgeons prefer this technique.
B)    Open excisional hemorrhoidectomy, that allows the surgeon or the doctor to leave the tissue wound open.
3-    Other procedures that can be performed by your doctor:
A)   If you have a high resting internal sphincter pressure, which makes you feeling hard to push out stool. Then the goal here is reducing the pain of bowel movements after surgery.

B)    This procedure includes a lateral internal sphincterotomy to widen or to open the internal sphincter muscle. But this procedure isn't common.
Videos Of Hemorrhoidectomy:



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